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Helping companies, agencies, and employees transform workplace culture using diversity, equity, and inclusiveness as an integrated business strategy. 


To be a leader in creating workplace cultures that lead with a diverse, equitable and inclusive mindset, where every employee feels like the CEO and every organization feels like it is changing the world


  • Servant Leadership

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Abundance Mentality

  • Champion for ALL 


Corporate KIN believes that training is a resource, not the solution. To be committed to diversity in the workplace, you must be willing to disrupt tradition and business as usual. The solutions provided by Corporate KIN will be tailored to fit the needs of the business and will challenge a traditional way of thinking. We believe that living with a diverse mindset takes time and consistent practice. There is room for anyone willing to do the work. The answers are found in data, policy and process. 

About CK

Redefine Your Workplace Family

Corporate KIN is a diversity planning and strategy company; created to help navigate work life in a way that feels good to the employer and the individual. It offers consultation to start-ups and established companies in all work environments including government agencies and non-profits, with a focus on Diversity Equity and Inclusion. CK uses people analytics and strategies to integrate Diversity & Inclusion into business strategies with a goal to shift culture and get results. 




Engaging in a deep dive analysis of your workplace culture to identify gaps and areas to grow. 


Reviewing resources, tools, and solutions to support closing the gaps of the identified areas that need improvement. 


Executing on the strategy to create long-term impact and culture transformation.  


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Diversity Audit & Workplace Culture Analysis

A workplace culture analysis is vital to the success of your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. Most organizations want to immediately move to Step 2, but have not done the evaluation work necessary to determine what solutions fit the needs of the current culture and goals moving forward. 

In Step 1, Corporate KIN will work with leaders in the organization to review processes, policies, and current strategies. Once a full review has been completed, recommendations will be provided based on people analytics to support the organization with creating diversity strategies that have long term impact. The review provides a detailed strategy that will influence workplace culture, build or update policies, and create processes that limit bias. 

This critical and meticulous work must be done to address systemic and traditional policies that are hindering innovation and blocking potential growth. This workplace culture analysis offers agencies and companies a plan to fully commit to diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Resources & Planning

After Step 1 is complete, it is time to create plan to begin engaging your workforce in the strategy. You will have the option to continue working with Corporate KIN to plan a successful roll-out of your strategy. Corporate KIN will build an education plan for leadership, employees, and other stakeholders such as independent contractors. We will work with internal teams to begin rolling out process and policy updates. 


In Step 2, we will provided recommended tools and resources to support your organization with education and integration. Corporate KIN will help you determine what can be done by your internal team and areas where you may need to consult outside resources. The recommended resources will be based on the individual needs of your business and the current budget.

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Strategy Implementation

After a strategy has been created in Step 1 and a roll out plan has been identified in Step 2, Corporate KIN will offer solutions that involve policy writing, process review, and strategy implementation. The solution will include an active participation with the organizations leadership, training, recruitment, compensation, on-boarding and diversity team. 

The comprehensive plan of action will be implemented end executed with the help of Corporate KIN as a consultant. As the strategy is executed, Corporate KIN will offer support with building programs, community outreach efforts, marketing, and overall operations that align with the overall strategy. 

Step 3 will require a longer time frame and commitment from the organization. This is the step where an organization goes beyond donations and internet statements to have real impact. 


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion  Analysis & Strategies 

Policy Audits & Reviews

HR Policy Development 

Individual Based Performance Management

Employee Relations

Employee Diversity Engagement 

Organizational Culture Improvement

Start-Up HR practices 

Training Support

Laptop Work


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