Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diversity strategy?

A diversity strategy is a plan to assist your workplace with identifying any potential equity gaps in your workplace policies and procedures, along with any potential inequities within specific groups of employees based on race, gender, or ability. Those gaps are used to create the type of strategy you will need to diversify your workplace culture and create equitable practices for sustainable long-term impact. 


How do I know if my business is ready for a diversity strategy?

Corporate KIN believes that creating a diversity strategy is the first step to improving workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many leaders prefer to start with training. A diversity strategy will help to identify what type of training to start with and who should be included in that training. If you are willing to start the conversation and make changes to your business internally, you are ready to create a plan of action. 

Why does Corporate KIN not offer training or education courses?

Our focus is on the data. We want to uncover systemic problems that could get in the way of your success as you work to transform your culture. It is important that our small, but mighty team sticks to what we do best and leave the training to the other amazing professionals in this space. We will consider training and education as we grow. 

What does a diversity strategy include?

A sample strategy document is available here. It includes 2 60-minute discovery sessions to learn about the business and gather information. Corporate KIN will develop a pdf diversity strategy that will vary in length based on the size, number of employees, and amount of data provided by the business. There will be 1 additional 60-minute sessions to debrief the information with the personnel or HR team. A final 90-minute session will be held to deliver and strategize with any stakeholders that will be a part of executing the plan. It does not include consulting to help execute the strategy. That is to be done by your internal personnel team, diversity team, or with the help of a consulting agency.

What if we want to do all 3 steps - the strategy, planning, and implementation?

Corporate KIN can help businesses see the strategy through from beginning to end. The process could take 6 months to 3 years. We do encourage you to have a dedicated internal team that will work closely with us as the work evolves. We recommend getting the diversity strategy before making a decision on how much help you will need to implement the plan. 

Why does executing a diversity strategy take so long?

Just like any major transformation, shifting your culture and workforce mindset is not easy work. The timeline will depend on where you are starting and how quickly your team can adapt to change. Most major strategies have a 5 year plan. We feel confident we can get you moving successfully in the right direction within a 3 year time frame, however you may not see improvements in your DEI goals for 5-10 years. There are many factors that will impact how quickly your company will experience progress. 


What if our leadership has not committed to improving diversity in the workplace?

Corporate KIN offers leadership and board strategy discussions to help drive the conversation forward. We help leaders see the diversity discussion as a part of the business strategy and not a separate project. Just as technology evolves, so do humans. The 60 or 90-minute session allows for open dialogue for concerns or resistance to including diversity, equity, and inclusion into the overall business strategy. Leadership buy-in is crucial to DEI success. 

What is the best way to contact Corporate KIN if I have more questions?

Email Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. You can also schedule a 30 minute discovery meeting using this calendly link if you are unsure about what services you may need.