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With great mentorship and a bit of job hopping, I eventually connected my work to my passions. Since then, I have aspired to help others do the same. 


I thought up the Corporate KIN concept in 2017 with a focus on helping friends and family navigate the corporate space. In 2019, the vision expanded as I continued to work in consulting roles driven by organizational design and diversity, equity, and inclusion improvement. Now I am on a mission to change workplace standards and expectations across the globe.

My journey with Diversity & Inclusion began in 2010 working as a recruiter in Chicago. As my story unfolded, I continued my career in Human Resources as an HR Business Partner and Diversity Strategist. I eventually made the decision to take on the work full time as a Diversity, Inclusion, & Affirmative Action Manager. In addition to my work in the corporate space, I supported community efforts as a non-profit board member and chairperson of the Building Board Diversity task force in Springfield, IL. 


I believe there are many open doors ready to embrace diversity and inclusion. I am grateful to share my experiences and ideas with anyone that will listen; and I am eager to show willing minds how to break the systems that perpetuate injustice. 


My personal mission statement is to "Live...without boundaries or limits and do whatever it takes to help people."

I received a Bachelors Degree in Business Education and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management.


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